Dear CUTA Members,

Kukkiwon is hosting Pan America Kukkiwon Taekwondo Hanmadang 2017 on December 16-17 at Los Angeles Convention Center.
It will be an exciting event, including Performances by Kukkiwon Demonstration Team, UCLA's Traditional Korean Drum and Dance Club, UCLA Koreos (K-Pop) Club during the opening Ceremony and Performances by Among B-Boys during the closing Ceremony.

The Competition categories:
Side Kick Breaking
High Jump kick Breaking
Long Jump Kicking
Creative Poomsae
Taekwondo Aerobics

Qualification and age classifications:
Permanent resident of the participation nation.
Kukkiwon Poom-Dan Holder
Age is determined by the birth year.Executive Qualifications
Holder of Poom-Dan Certificate or Master's certificate from Kukkiwon

For additional information, please visit: